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Leadmens packaging aluminum foil sealing film advantage

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The advantage of Leadmens packaging aluminum foil sealing film and aluminum foil sealing lids lies in the precipitation of 17 years of production technology, the understanding of various materials and the development of products.

In this long period of time, Leadmens Packaging continues to strive for excellence in the aluminum foil sealing film industry, and its products are continuously optimized and continuously improved. The products are classified into PET, PVC, PS, AS, PP, PE, GLASS and other materials, most of which are independently developed. The process includes co-extrusion blown film, coating, coating, compounding and other multi-element production. Formulation adjustment according to the requirements of different customers. For example: sealing tension, air permeability, heat seal strength, retort sterilization requirements, corrosion resistance, alcohol resistance, etc., can be freely adjusted, so that different formulations can be used for different products, for strong performance.
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