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Reunion industry innovation climax, new aluminum foil easy tearing production line full dress!

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Sixteen years of hard sealing film market, Leadmens plastic composite packaging Co. Ltd. is now past in the past years of in-depth study of sealing film is easy to tear the new technology on the basis of the peak sealing film a new packaging industry, invested millions of heavily to build a new German import new Internet plus high-tech foil aluminium foil EPE production line, this line has many the first advantage of production for various types of aluminum foil EPE can set a variety of products for Leadmens years of easy tear film production experience model intelligent control, only for various production needs to deploy a variety of input parameters can control intelligent customer needs products, regardless of how much production specifications, thick easy tear cover gasket, just a key control to fully grasp the whole production process.

Secondly, the integration process is very strong, the whole process of stamping film uninterrupted, with automatic tracking system tracking computer proofreading to correct, to the most convenient way to liberate the productive forces, the only one or two people on hand to continuously produce a large number of high-quality brand Leadmens aluminum foil EPE, stamping good products fully pipelined neatly stacked, i.e. after being stacked or into the box, can meet the production needs of aluminum foil easy tear cover of customers, daily production completely up to hundreds of thousands of!

aluminium foil

There is a Leadmens to build a new tear sealing cover quality and health security industry brand new, full automatic aluminum foil EPE production line of non pollution non dangerous, especially for tin foil in direct contact with the food contents will be more easy to tear the cover, the contents of pollution could be reduced to zero, according to industry production standards the food grade coating material, and can also be dangerous tinplate cover edge covering in time, such products will have the confidence to say do Leadmens!

We sincerely invite customers from home and abroad to visit Leadmens workshop. Our most powerful sales director and production director will be able to explain the strength of this production line for our customers and provide you with the most appropriate and most favorable product quotations. Choose Leadmens, choose the safe future, we promise, choose Leadmens aluminum foil easy tearing cover will help your product win the market favor!

Leadmens Packaging Group (China) established since 1999,located at Zhongshan City.We specialized producing packaging materials such as aluminum foil seal liner,aluminum foil seal,aluminum foil container,aluminum easy-peel off end cover,etc.Contact us:info@leadmenspacking.com.


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