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Leadmens International sharing the common sense of food packaging for children

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The safety and purity of products should be placed first in the food packaging of children. The traditional children's food packaging is glass and metal, which has good barrier property, which can prevent foreign contaminants from polluting, and vacuum packaging in containers can save food for a long time.

Instant food for children

This is a drying product. When it is added to water, it doesn't need refrigeration. So the main packaging requirement is that there is no moisture infiltration in the process of product distribution. The first soft packaging bag appeared in the UK in 1960s, and then a spiral winding compound tin can be used for packaging dried Cereals, such as ionic resin /AL foil, /LDPE/ paper, made of composite tank packaging. The heat seal / aluminum foil /PET/ paper can also be used. Children's Dehydrated fruits and vegetables and meat packaging were commonly used in the UK in 1980s. The inner layer is paper /LDPE/ aluminum foil / ionic resin, the central layer is cardboard, which provides rigidity, and the outer layer is paper label. The top and bottom are aluminum foil, and the PE cover can be opened and closed again. The canister can be produced on a metal tank like filling line for two years.

Liquid and semisolid children's food

Fruit juice is the first non ready to use children's food that is packaged in plastic. This is a very high acid fruit juice. It has a long application period of successful packaging with ketchup sauce bottles. It usually has 15 months' shelf-life. For tomato ketchup sauce, the PP/ thermoforming container of /PP regenerated material, PP/ adhesive resin, /EVOH/ bonding resin and /PP structure has replaced the 1/4 glass container. For the standard button cover used on a glass container, it can also be used on a composite tank container. The juice products are filled with tanks, and the plastic containers are sterilized during the process, and the cooling liquid is used to produce a vacuum, and the space in the tank is flushed with water vapor. The use of PP/ bonding resin /PVDC adhesive resin /PP structure also has ten months of shelf life. In Europe, tetrahedral aseptic packaging cartons are more common.

food packaging

Dry toy food

The dry toy food needs oil resistant packaging and good cleanliness. The box is the most widely used form of toy food packaging. The inner bag or extrusion coated with PE or PP coated with protective varnish printing paper bags are widely used in food packaging vanu. For semi tidal foods whose moisture content is less than 35%, traditional metal cans can be used for packaging. In order to save weight and cost, a full soft spiral spiral tank can be used: paper /LDPE/ aluminum foil / ionic resin. A top coated varnish or a layer of OPP film is used on the printed surface. Ionic resin or acid copolymer as a dense seal can have strong seal and fat resistance. Another structure is: paper / adhesive resin / metallized OPP/ heat seal.

Adhesive resin is used to bond paper to metallized OPP. LDPE or an acid copolymer can be used, which can be selected according to the requirement of bonding force. Here, the metallized OPP has good barrier resistance, resistance to cracking and needle hole resistance.

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