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The future of the packaging of daily products should tend to be green as the standard

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As the food packaging materials are green, some daily products also introduce the green materials packaged in food to their packaging materials. The sealing film manufacturers believe that the packaging of daily products will tend to be green as the standard.

The traditional PE packaging bottle, PET bottle has a bright light, high transparency, impact resistance is not easy broken and other characteristics, and have good recycling value, the bottle can be two times the processing reuse, both for the convenience of consumers, but also reduce white waste, reduce material waste caused by environmental pressure. PET bright flask with excellent low environmental pollution and energy consumption, under the same intensity requirements, compared with the traditional PE materials can save 60% of the raw materials.


The future packaging concept is to integrate the long-term value of natural ecology into the humanized scientific design concept, advocating public welfare packaging, green packaging, moderate packaging and light packaging. Proper packaging should ensure that products are properly protected, including physical, chemical, biological performance protection, and no exaggerated fine decoration, which is convenient for storage, transportation and consumer use.

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